UNIBEN Students New Dress Code For Male And Female Students

UNIBEN Students Dress Code

UNIBEN Students Dress Code – A dress code has been approved for the Faculty of Management Science students of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) which is stirring up controversy among students and non-students of the institution. Take a look.



1) No coloured attachments (red, green, white).

2) Colour attachment must blend with the colour hair and must be shoulder length.

3) No tattered jeans, legging, tights, bum shorts, and sagging of trousers.

4) No spaghetti tops, sleeveless boluses or dresses that would expose the armpit or sensitive parts of the body like the breast, navel, e.t.c. Trousers must not be too tight, skirts must also not too tight and must be below the knees.

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5) Facial make-ups must be moderate and not seductive.

6) Polishing of finger nails must be moderate and not seductive

7) No wearing of bathroom slippers/palm slippers

8) No dread locks ( rastaman styles )

9) No wearing of heavy haircuts and hand band/bangles

10) Dirty clothes not allowed.

11) Face caps not allowed

12) Eye lashes not allowed

13) No tattoos, dark glasses not allowed except on medical grounds.

14) T – shirts with the inscription of political parties or club not allowed



1) Well trimmed hair, no dyeing or partings, curling, weaving, braiding, dread locks e.t.c.

2) Bushy mustache and beards not allowed

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3) Ear rings not allowed, hand bands not allowed.

4) Tattoos, face caps, transparent shirts, singlet, customized T- shirts for clubs not allowed.

5) Eye glasses not allowed except recommended on medical ground.

6) No sagging of trousers, no wearing of shorts or tights/legging.

7) Hair must be low cut.

8) Palm slippers/ Rubber slippers not allowed

The Faculty colours for students is WHITE and GRAY




1) Top – White ( short / long sleeve )

2) Trousers – Gray ( No slim fit/ No sagging/No low waist

3) Suit / Jacket – Optional ( Gray )

4) Tie to match

5) Shoe / Sandals to match

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1) Top – White Blouses ( Short / Long sleeve/ No sleeveless / No perforation

2) Skirt – Gray ( Knee length )

3) Suit / Jacket – Optional

4) Tie – Optional

5) Cover Shoe / Sandals to match



Corporate Dressing for Males and Females


Corporate Suit, Shirt, Trousers, Tie and Shoe


Corporate Suit, Gown, Skirt and Blouses.


Traditional Outfit

Corporate dressing is accepted on Fridays for any students who wants to wear them instead of native attires.

NOTE: Jeans and T – shirts are not allowed from Monday to Friday except on social or students week.

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